This Week in Health Tech

Digital strategy, telehealth, and cloud adoption with Mark

March 30, 2021 Season 1 Episode 33
This Week in Health Tech
Digital strategy, telehealth, and cloud adoption with Mark
Show Notes

On this episode of This Week in Health Tech, Vik and Jimmy welcome Mark Brookman, CIO, Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
We jump right into tele-health and adoption with Mark. Mark indicated that even though they had started on tele-health path about 3-4 years ago, adoption was scarce. Providers were hesitant because there could be liability issues if they missed anything however things changed with COVID-19. Government changed their stance and they started reimbursing for telehealth visits.
At commonwealth telehealth was now used even in emergency health where patient information about a patient being transferred to the hospital emergency department was provided to a ER physician, and this help ER department to prepare equipment and room according to the incoming patient needs.
Jimmy poses question to Mark if provider mentality has changed and if they have adjusted to telehealth and if they will continue with telehealth post COVID-19.  Mark thinks it is still quite early to tell however they are proceeding with plans to expand telehealth services over next few years.
Mark then discusses remote monitoring and even in hospital monitoring for COVID patients where patients could be monitored without going inside the room.
The conversation then flows into cloud versus on-prem and hybrid infrastructure setup for healthcare organizations. Mark indicates that he has a very cautious slow approach to cloud adoption. He does not like giving up control by hosting everything in the cloud.
Industry is clearly moving in the direction of subscription or cloud hosted solutions. Vik indicates that it could be a hybrid approach, and gives an example for integration.  Hybrid approach would help separate external system connections to the cloud and not have them connected directly to the same on premise servers.
Vik, Jimmy, and Mark then discuss remote working and how healthcare staff has adopted to working remotely and if there has been a culture change.

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